Chi Nei Tsang / Tai Abdominal Massage


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Date: saturday 03, sunday 04 y monday 05  dicember.

Abdominal massage is perhaps one of the most profound forms of bodywork. The majority of physical and emotional imbalances and congestion are stored in the abdomen, yet ironically, abdominal massage has become virtually a lost art and science. Almost all energy lines and physical communication systems (blood, lymph, nerves) pass through the abdomen, and this area becomes a ‘dumping ground’ for stagnant energy. In addition to addressing physical ailments associated with all the internal organs, this work is proven to have incredible healing effects throughout the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Abdominal massage is patient work; truly an art and dance crafted with grace. This class will proceed with careful awareness and attention to anatomy, energy flow, and the breath.

Class includes:
* How to approach and work with the abdomen.
* Warming the belly, detoxing the skin, and opening the wind gates.
* Opening the breath.
* Abdominal anatomy and how to approach each organ.
* A 90 minute sequence.

Take advantage of learning this invaluable information for your client’s health and for your own health. Pre-requisite: Bodywork experience.

Christopher Ray has been exploring massage & bodywork since 1993, with a focus on Traditional Therapeutic Thai Massage since 2000. Chris’ unrelenting passion for high quality bodywork and assisting people in feeling good has driven him to delve deeply into the workings of the body, mind, and spirit. The result is a unique, masterful, deeply transformative style of massage blending Thai medicine, breathwork, myofascial release, patience, and compassion. He specializes in relieving chronic ailments, and his sessions are 3-5 hours in length. Christopher has studied abdominal massage with several teachers in Thailand. He now incorporates abdominal work into every bodywork session, and has found that clients feel more complete and profound results.
Chris began teaching ten years ago, sharing his detailed sense of body and energy mechanics, as well as his clear, heart-based approach to life. Chris offers a range of classes for massage therapists, bodyworkers, yoga teachers, and anyone who is desiring to gain more awareness with their body. He is passionate about assisting people in opening up their bodies, remembering their true potential, and making life more effortless.

Kate Lewandowski is an ex-veterinarian who turned instead to dance, yoga, bodywork, teaching, and landscaping. She is the left-brain organizer of this duo who specializes in inspiring all those around her to love who they are and what they do.

Together, Christopher and Kate travel the world teaching Thai massage, abdominal massage, and self-bodywork. Their skills synergize to create exuberant classes packed with useful and heart-ful information.

Daily class outline
Day 1:
Opening the chest, ribs & diaphragm
Warming the abdomen
Skin detoxification
Opening the wind gates
Day 2:
Learning and practicing a full sequence around the abdomen and all organs
Day 3:
Deep psoas work
Anatomy review and organ ID
Additional special techniques

Participation fee: $180.00
Early payment: $150.00 (before November 30th)

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